Financial disaster help!
in Ontario.

TCCSS offers;

1. Rent bank, 

2. Funeral expense,

3. Vehicle purchase 


"up to $4,000".

and it's  

F R E E !

Since Year 2016

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What We do?

We help up to $4,000

We've got your back!

  • You got eviction notice from bank or landlord? 
  • Or your gas or electricity is on risk of disconnection? 
  • A loved one died but you don't have sufficient amount for burial ceremony?
  • Aren't you able to make enough money for living and need to buy a vehicle to drive ride sharing for now?

No need to worry, We've got your back. 

We know you had been doing well and working hard to earn living but it is only short period of time that you are out of luck.  We're a free Rent bank in Ontario. We'll help you to pay off your rent / mortgage or bills arrears. But; don't forget to become a club member today because this offer is EXCLUSIVE to 'The Charity Club' MEMBERS.   

TCCSS 'a free Financial disaster help in Ontario'.

We help up to $4,000

Nothing but; Benefit!

Pledge only $15 months which will give you peace of mind of assistance of $4,000 when it is genuinely required! Isn't a great deal. 

Do you know that $4,000 is 267% of $15? It's simple maths! 4,000 / 15  = 267. That means; you will get the assistance of 267% of the amount which you pledge in a month. 

Having 'The Charity Club' membership could save your back and hassle.

We know lots of case of depression which end up hearting own selves and own family member.  

We help up to $4,000

We share the joy!

Not all members needs assistance at the same time so; we use all pledge money to help the most needy one who might broke, for the meantime. 

You might be the next one who needs 'immediate assistance'!

Let's help each other and establish a great caring community. 

Please Share us.

Help Our Cause

Besides membership, we feed homeless 'in town and other parts of the world'. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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