We feed homeless.

In town and other parts of world, we do feed homeless on a monthly basis. For example; homeless in Toronto, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Africa. We have provided over $10,000 worth of jackets, pants, tops to some Welfare organization to distribute to less fortunate people. We conduct an event as well for free food and shopping in downtown, Toronto. Have a look at some pictures.   

We help our community members in GTA.

  • You got eviction notice from bank or landlord? 
  • Or your gas or electricity is on risk of disconnection? 
  • A loved one died but you don't have sufficient amount for burial ceremony?
  • Aren't you able to make enough money for living and need to buy a vehicle to drive ride sharing for now?

No need to worry, We've got your back. Look at the detail.

We build Free Islamic Schools!

Why Islamic School?

Being a responsible parents, it is our responsibility to take the right decision for our children, because where they stay every day for seven to eight hours will largely influence their values, beliefs, morals and personalities in the future. If you need to have an idea what benefits you and your children can gain from sending them to an Islamic school, and taking a wise decision became an easy task; <learn more>>