ASK! 'The Charity Club Support Services in Ontario'.

Is there any limit of assistance?

Yes! One assistance at a time when it is requested. Such as; You need assist us to pay off your rent or mortgage arrears? But; at the same time, if you need an another assistance such as; need us to assist you buy a vehicle for ride share in order to earn your living, then you need to wait for 3 years to request for one another assistance. The Charity Club Support Services in Ontario thank you for your concern.  Isn't it a 'triple rock social club?'

How much cash I will get?

TCCSS don’t pay cash, rather; we pay to service providers such as bank, landlord etc. 

For example; We will need your landlord contact info. etc. to pay him/her direct from our account in case; you got eviction notice due to financial disaster from your lanlord. 

Is there any age limit?

Yes;  you must be 25 years of age of over. 

We need to make sure that; you're a responsible adult who can take care and sustain their own becuase only assistance may help you to succeed you in your life in future. 

When I can request for an assistance?

Assistance can be requested after 12 months of the membership. Let's say; you become member on Feb-15-2017, you will be eligible to request funds in Feb-2018.

What are the criteria of requesting; for an assistance?

  1. You must be a member for 12 months, at least. 
  2. You must prove that you're in a financial disaster.
  3. You must prove that you had been earning well enough in last 3 years.
  4. You must didn't got help from TCCSS in last 3 years.
  5. And; that's it!

What are the chances of approval; of my request for assistance?

Not 100%! TCCSS reserve rights to decline the assistance request if; the request is not genuine and not according to our guideline checklist. 

We got a check list to analyze the request after it is submitted online.

Please ask!