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Second to none;

Surely; it is incomparable service you offer. I am a club member since few months and I am glad the portion of my pledge used to feed homeless, great! I hope I won't need any help but if it does, then, I know The Charity Club is there.   Keep up the good work. 

Different than others!

There are organizations out there,  helping lots of individuals but you guys completely different than others! you're working to help 'me' when I need help. If I don't need help, I know that my $15 a month goes to charity.  Wonderful idea. i like to be a member to contribute the cause.  Chow!

I think 'why The Charity club'?

I used to donate some money, but not very often. Since I sign up 'The Charity Club' membership, I am glad that I pledge on a regular basis which is $15 a month that goes towards charity but at the same time; it save my back too. I hope I don't need any help and will sustain well but; if I need ever!!! I know TCCSS is there....  awesome man!

Helping Community; awesome!

Being a member of TCCSS; I am proud to express my feelings.  I got now clue about to happen in the near future but this club membership will definately will help, I am sure.   Thanks Ron for sending me the refferal. 

Glad to Share the big news

First of all; thanks to motivate me to help others while saving my own back. Awesome business. 267%? Yeah; true, it is. $15 times 267 which is $4,000. How did you come to this idea? I hope I don't need any help but; if needed, my membership is active :)

Right! free Financial disaster help.

$15 a month pledge against assistance of $4000, yup! kind of free help when there is disaster (financial). At the same time using my pledge to help less fortunate people, awesome. Great idea guys. Keep it up. I share on facebook to more people. Beautiful!