Mission Statement! 'The Charity Club Support Services in Ontario'

CARE – To Help!

  • To help The Charity Club members when there is no help available. Specially those members who are above low income and don’t find a resource to fulfill their requirement as required at the time of disaster.
  • To relieve poverty by collecting and providing food, clothes, accessories and supplies to needy individuals, homeless and their families in the community that require assistance.
  • To coordinate support and rehabilitation services to help needy individuals and their families, including life skills training, education, upgrading, employment preparation, personal health care/hygiene, creative use of recreation and leisure time, drug and alcohol treatment, and other specialized areas as necessary.
  • To liaise with other charitable, non-profit community, educational or government agencies or organizations in the creation of social integration programs for needy individuals and their families.
  • To support and promote a spiritual interfaith dialogue that refers to a positive, co-operative and constructive interaction between people or different religious, faiths race, creed, nationality or humanistic beliefs in individual or institutional levels.
  • TCCSS is ' The Charity Club Support Services in Ontario'. It is ' triple rock social club'.