Terms and conditions:

  1. You must be 25 years of age of over.  
  2. One assistance at a time when it is requested. 
  3. Assistance can be requested after 12 months of the membership. 
  4. Club Members will be served once in 3 years.   
  5. Club Member  must be making a reasonable living/earnings for last 3 years when he/she apply for assistance. Because we need to make sure that you will be able to sustain after the assistance.  
  6. TCCSS don’t pay cash, rather; we pay to service providers such as bank, landlord etc. 
  7. TCCSS reserve rights to decline the assistance request if; the request is not genuine. We got a check list to analyze the request after it is submitted online.
  8. TCCSS will require some documents to analyze the request. 
  9. For any unforeseen resons; if TCCSS is not able to assist, TCCSS wil refund your 1 year of membership pledge $180 with apologies. 
  10. A member can cancel TCCSS membership anytime with a refund of 6 months of pledge which is $90 (provided if the membership is over 6 months). 

*TCCSS don't ask for S.I.N.